[Once a Star raw: Jim Rivera #1]

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and background noise.

01:07Copy video clip URL Video opens with b-roll footage of traffic in Angola.

03:17Copy video clip URL A sign for “Captains Cabin: Unexcelled Dining Overlooking Beautiful Crooked Lake”

04:20Copy video clip URL Footage of swimmers in the lake.

06:13Copy video clip URL In a Jungle Jim’s Saloon, talking with former Chicago White Sox outfielder Jim Rivera. He talks about sliding headfirst, and Rogers Hornsby.

08:26Copy video clip URL Why don’t baseball players play all-out? He blames the contracts. Players don’t need to earn the big payout.

10:56Copy video clip URL Rivera talks about hanging out with the other players.

11:35Copy video clip URL He says Joe DiMaggio was the greatest ballplayer of all time, and Ted Williams was the greatest hitter.

12:30Copy video clip URL He talks about the Yankees, and how they had players on their bench who would’ve been starters anywhere else. They were a tough team to play. They had a good farm system.

15:33Copy video clip URL Rivera thinks the team was overconfident against the lesser teams, and that they needed to win the games they could, and just try to break even with the Yankees.

18:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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