[Once a Star raw: Jim Rivera #2]

00:00Copy video clip URL The continuation of a discussion with former Chicago White Sox outfielder Jim Rivera. They are at Jungle Jim’s Saloon.

00:50Copy video clip URL They talk about Minnie Minoso.

02:29Copy video clip URL Rivera tells an anecdote about John F. Kennedy. He got Kennedy’s and Lyndon Johnson’s autographs on a baseball on opening day when he was a player. He then tells a story about meeting Harry Truman and his wife, Bess.

05:18Copy video clip URL Rivera talks about living in Angola, IN. He was from New York City, but his wife was from Angola. He got the saloon from his brother-in-law. He enjoys running the saloon because he gets to meet lots of people.

07:44Copy video clip URL Rivera gives a rundown of his typical day at work.

09:08Copy video clip URL He takes care of himself. He plays a lot of racquetball and only eats once a day. He also plays golf, two to three times a week.

11:09Copy video clip URL Rivera talks about movies. He used to recommend movies to other players and to sportswriters. He tells about meeting Rock Hudson in Alcapulco.

14:30Copy video clip URL Rivera talks about a time when he was less successful. He was grateful that he had kept friends from before he was successful, so he wasn’t alone when he was down. He still keeps in touch with people he knew from his playing days.

16:30Copy video clip URL More talk about the saloon. They get a lot of tourists. He lives above the saloon, to save rent.

19:26Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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