[Robert Sandifer murder case #1]

0:00Copy video clip URL Silent B-roll of neighborhood and interviews with passers-by.

12:15Copy video clip URL Sound comes in. Jones shoots near The Kohn School, the school attended by the Hardaway brothers (the boys who were accused of killing Sandifer) to find friends and acquaintances who can talk about them. Jones is unable to find an interview subject who can really comment. He later shoots in the tunnel where Sandifer was found dead. The walls are covered in eerie graffiti that often looks like hieroglyphics.

51:30Copy video clip URL Jones comes on camera to talk about the viaduct where Sandifer was murdered and to try to understand the reason for the widespread fascination with the case. He also runs in to some kids who are able to explain some of the gang symbols on the walls.



  1. Tanya says:

    he took his right shoe off

  2. This underpass is gone.

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