[Robert Sandifer murder case #6]

Robert Sandifer's wake and funeral.

00:03Copy video clip URL Tape begins. Camera is angled from the front of the casket and upward; people seem to be lined up to view Sandifer’s body. An amplified voice can be heard.

00:42Copy video clip URL Shifts to two men in front of the casket. Many photos are being taken. The camera pans around, showing mourners (mainly walking past the casket), the body, and a group of photographers. Not much discernible audio.

03:14Copy video clip URL B-roll of people being handed programs. Footage then shifts to various close-ups and shots of Sandifer’s face and body. People still file past.

09:10Copy video clip URL B-roll of various funeral attendees in their seats. Cameramen are also seen.

11:25Copy video clip URL Sandifer’s grandmother is bent over his casket. People surround her to comfort her but she does not move. No discernible audio. Cameramen move to behind the casket to get a better shot, including this one. The woman’s voice can be heard, but then she is taken to a seat. People continue to file past. The camera shot is not continuous, as suddenly people will appear in the frame, notably a group of children.

15:15Copy video clip URL Footage of the children around Sandifer. They touch his face numerous times and discuss the scars on Sandifer’s face as well as the large amount of cameras around them. Sandifer’s grandmother comes back to the casket and says “I can’t believe that’s my baby here.” The crowd comforts her as she continues to talk to Sandifer.

20:12Copy video clip URL Camera moves to the back of the room, filming b-roll of attendees.

28:49Copy video clip URL The camera moves back up to the front of the room as singing begins.

30:51Copy video clip URL A man folds up the casket blanket and closes the casket. Music continues as the camera zooms in on the casket, then moves out into the audience. Sandifer’s grandmother is hysterical. Off-camera, a man’s voice can be heard, beginning the funeral.

33:16Copy video clip URL Footage of the same man, speaking of having respect inside a church. There is a chorus of “Amens” after nearly every sentence.

33:49Copy video clip URL A woman steps up to the podium, offers prayers.

34:34Copy video clip URL Another man steps up, offers prayers.

35:47Copy video clip URL The same woman returns. She seems to be the MC of the services, saying what will come next and from who.

36:10Copy video clip URL Pastor Don K. Berry of the Faith Hope and Charity Church [the woman introduced him; hard to understand what church] reads scripture (8 Matthew). The footage of him reading is cut out.

36:35Copy video clip URL Another man comes to the microphone, presents a bible to Sandifer’s grandmother.

37:43Copy video clip URL Solo song, “It’s so hard to say goodbye.”

41:29Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to close-up of label, “Robert Sandifer” (possibly on the casket)while a voice speaks off camera, introducing Pastor Berry again, who delivers the sermon.

44:49Copy video clip URL “It is my [unintelligible] that we seize this moment, that we not let this experience be in vain…and as it presents to us a challenge that only we can meet. The White House can’t meet this challenge for us. City Hall can’t even meet this challenge for us. Our Congressmen can’t meet this challenge for us. But we can individuals must seize upon the moments, rise up to this challenge, and let the world know that we care, that we’re concerned, and that we will make a difference.”

45:31Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to a women reading from the front row, in front of Sandifer’s grandmother. She gives a speech about telling children about Jesus/God and turning away from the devil.

50:23Copy video clip URL The MC woman speaks and begins to introduce a song, but she’s cut off at the beginning and end by the camera.

50:52Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to a woman (possibly Denise Berry), who gives a speech about children and their futures. “That could have been my child down there. He’s twelve years old.” She then starts singing.

57:22Copy video clip URL Another pastor comes to the podium and sings “I’m So Glad (Trouble Don’t Last Always)” with others. The camera pans over the crowd as they sing and clap along.

58:53Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to Pastor Berry, who gives a sort of benediction about brighter times ahead.

1:00:56Copy video clip URL The woman MC begins to speak, but the tape abruptly goes static.

1:01:04Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



  1. Meshell says:

    Why all them damn cameras there at yummy funeral thats a private gathering for family friends only not the fuckin world

  2. This was very sad I feel so bad for him as well as his family to young.

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