[Rock The Vote 33 spots]

33 spots for Rock the Vote 1991.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

0:07Copy video clip URL Madonna wearing red bikini and wrapped in American flag, singing with two men in tight shorts. The three singers are not harmonizing well. Madonna accuses them of singing in a different key from her. “Vote. Truth is where you find it – get up and vote. Dr King, Malcolm X, freedom of speech is as good as sex. If you don’t vote, you’ll get a spanking.”

1:30Copy video clip URL Lenny Kravitz. Tell them what’s on your mind. Your right to do so is protected by the First Amendment.

2:07Copy video clip URL Deee-Lite. He is going to read you your rights. Right not to remain silent. Right to say whatever’s on your mind. Express yourself. Use it or lose it.

2:55Copy video clip URL MC Hammer. Can’t Touch This. There are some people running around America who don’t seem to know what America’s about – they want to censor what you say, what you see, what you hear. There is one form of expression that they can’t censor: Can’t touch that right to vote.

3:49Copy video clip URL Iggy Pop reads the First Amendment. As he reads, he is gradually having tape wrapped around his body. At the end, the tape covers his mouth. Express yourself. Vote.

4:50Copy video clip URL Woody Harrelson. Howdy. I believe in freedom of expression. Express yourself. Vote.

5:49Copy video clip URL Justine Bateman. You might as well be invisible if you don’t vote. You’ve got everyone telling you what to do. You don’t want people telling you what to see. Express yourself. Vote. It’s your life, it’s your world.

6:50Copy video clip URL Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Higher Ground music video. If you love your freedom, fight censorship. Express yourself. Vote.

7:50Copy video clip URL Anthony Kiedis. Most beautiful and powerful ingredient in America – freedom of speech.

8:50Copy video clip URL Blair Underwood. If we don’t make the rules we’ll have to live with somebody else’s. 70 percent of American voters are over age 40.

9:50Copy video clip URL Jetboy. Music video. She’s in my blood, she’s got me sweating. No one has the right to limit or censor an artist. Only 17 percent of young people vote.

10:50Copy video clip URL Iggy Pop. Music video. I never voted before because I never thought I had a reason. Now I do. No one can tell me what kinds of songs I’m going to sing. So I’m going to register to vote right now. Registers.

11:50Copy video clip URL When I grow up. Little kid says he’s going to vote when he grows up, but until then, we have to do it for him.

12:50Copy video clip URL Justine Bateman. Invisible. Same as before.

13:50Copy video clip URL Michael Penn. Speaks from TV monitor. I’m not any of these things (Democrat, Republican, etc), I’m just an American, and as an American I oppose government censorship in all its forms.

14:40Copy video clip URL Ozzy Ozbourne. On TV monitor like Penn. There are two things you can do about censorship – nothing or vote. Your vote is your voice.

15:37Copy video clip URL Jane Wiedlin on TV. Who are they? They are people who spend billions on weapons, and now tell us what we can or cannot listen to. It’s time to make them listen, it’s time to vote. Your vote is your voice.

16:35Copy video clip URL Megadeth with tape over their mouths. Silent. Fast cuts. Your vote is your voice.

17:33Copy video clip URL Teri Garr talking, but no sound, just static. Static gets louder and louder. I’ve been talking to you about censorship. What you haven’t heard CAN hurt you. Your vote is your voice.

18:31Copy video clip URL Mellow Man Ace. If you think you’re free, try getting a good education in Harlem. Is the government of this country responsive to your needs? Exercise your right to vote quickly because like any other right, it can be taken away.

19:28Copy video clip URL Donny Osmond in Nazi-like uniform. Censorship is good. Censorship protects the homeland. Censorship discourages undesirable thoughts and actions. Censorship makes what I think what you think. Your vote is your voice.

20:24Copy video clip URL Lita Ford. In 1939 the rights of German citizens went up in smoke. The rights of Americans are on fire right now.

21:08Copy video clip URL Robert Downey, Jr and Sarah Jessica Parker. She keeps silencing him. Your turn to speak. Your vote is your voice.

22:04Copy video clip URL Robert Downey, Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker. Art is not produced in a vacuum. Today our own government is trying to tell you what you should and should not put in your tape deck. Same as last. Your vote is your voice.

23:00Copy video clip URL Megadeth. Same spot with tape on mouths.

23:41Copy video clip URL Donny Osmond. Same spot.

24:29Copy video clip URL All of the celebrities make brief appearances to contribute some of the words to the commercial – censorship is bad, your vote is your voice.

25:21Copy video clip URL Luis Perez of Los Lobos. Music video. Time for us all to do something about our future. That means me and you too. There’s never been a more important time for you to express yourself.

26:13Copy video clip URL Dwight Yoakum. All those politicians – they’re the most moral, aren’t they? Wearing American flag.

27:00Copy video clip URL Country star does spot – censorship, your vote is your voice.

27:50Copy video clip URL Various country stars, including Reba McEntire.

28:30Copy video clip URL Reba McEntire. How do you feel about freedom? This is America and freedom is what it’s all about. The best way we defend freedom is by voting.

29:15Copy video clip URL Country stars with tape on mouths. Your vote is your voice.

30:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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