[Roland 4 12:00 / Maceo Anderson]

Raw footage for Vanishing Act: Vaudeville in Chicago.

0:01Copy video clip URL The video opens on Will Clinger preparing questions to interview a Vaudeville performer, Roland. He records questions asking Roland about the big stars that he worked with, about performers that used blackface, about locations he performed in, the money he made, and the types of performances he gave, among other things. Roland sits listening to all of these questions without answering while Clinger works with people behind the camera to develop the questions.

4:30Copy video clip URL Roland answers the question, “What killed Vaudeville?”

6:52Copy video clip URL Shots of the building’s interior. Audio from Clinger.

7:57Copy video clip URL Old photograph stills. Audio of Roland describing what is going on in the photos.

12:00Copy video clip URL Cut to the documentary “The Cotton Club,” that follows Duke Ellington and his band in the Cotton Club, music in the depression era, and how race affected the music of this time. This documentary is narrated by Maceo Anderson. Some short breaks in the footage. Mostly footage of performances from different groups.

36:24Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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