[Rostenkowski 1994 re-election campaign]

News report on Dan Rostenkowski's unusual re-election campaign of 1994, after making his first campaign appearance in Evanston 13 days before the election.

00:00Copy video clip URL A news report spotlights Rostenkowski’s campaign. He presented an attack on his opponent. He participated in a seminar at Northwestern University about what went wrong with President Clinton’s healthcare proposals. It was the first public appearance in this re-election campaign.

00:56Copy video clip URL Rostenkowski says his challenger, Michael Flanagan, is right winged. He’s not doing anything to help Chicago or Illinois. Flanagan says he would shrink government, cut spending and taxes and abolish all abortion.

01:50Copy video clip URL B-roll of Flanagan going door to door seeking voters, introducing himself as Rostenkowski’s opponent. He predicts he will win. The news reports that so far, Rostenkowski has not made any public appearances, has no campaign staff, and has no TV or radio ads. He doesn’t have the money to spend on it. He’s running a stealth campaign. But now he’s going to open a campaign office.

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