[Rubin’s Party 2]

Conversations and performances at a party organized to raise money for George McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign.

00:10Copy video clip URL Performer/artist Richard Milone passes the microphone around a party in a backyard in West Nyack, New York and speaks to a woman who claims she stayed up all night sewing her outfit. 

02:51Copy video clip URL Gail Edwards talks to partygoers about McGovern. She makes small talk, asking about their jobs and the neighborhoods they live in.

10:40Copy video clip URL Milone speaks to a partygoer about sickle cell anemia. 

15:13Copy video clip URL Two members of the American Chamber Ballet perform a dance choreographed by Maya Lichtenstein on the grass. 

25:40Copy video clip URL One of the dancers performs to a rock soundtrack. 

29:27Copy video clip URL A McGovern campaign worker speaks to the attendees about the candidate’s dedication to peace. 



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