Samantha James #1

Video of a live broadcast of Q101 Chicago's Rock/ Alternative station while Samantha James is hosting. She chats with the camera quite a bit.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:23Copy video clip URL Open on sign of Q101 which is where the tape is being filmed. The videographer is filming a live broadcast on Q101 while Samantha James hosts. Soon after we see James enter her booth and get set up for her shift. She talks with the camera briefly before she signs on. She talks about why retro is important, the kind of music that is important to the station, her English heritage, and the request based format of her show.

9:30Copy video clip URL James gives a brief announcement about the radio station and then the music returns.

14:09Copy video clip URL James answers a few calls which are recorded and takes a few requests before continuing to talk to the camera.

18:50Copy video clip URL She announces a concert for one of the bands played and then resumes the music.

25:33Copy video clip URL James talks to the audience for quite a bit about some of their programming and then puts on commercials and later music. In the meantime she chats with the camera.

38:34Copy video clip URL James talks on air for a spell before surrendering to the music and commercials again.

57:08Copy video clip URL Video ends.




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