Sam’s Shoe Service

Short documentary by Cindy Neal about Sam's Shoe Service shop on West Roscoe St. in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videographer Cindy Neal walks down Roscoe Street to a shoe repair shop. She enters and immediately begins recording footage of Sam working on shoes.

01:30Copy video clip URL A customer comes in. Continue footage of Sam at work. He is stitching the sole of a shoe. He hammers nails into the sole and then polishes and buffs the shoe. He repeats this process on a second shoe.

07:10Copy video clip URL He says this work is left over from Saturday. “They all came in at once.” He continues the process on two leather boots.

12:00Copy video clip URL The mailman enters and delivers letters. Sam stops work and Cindy interviews him. He says he’s had this shop for 14-years. He has owned his own business since 1949. He says private ownership has its ups and downs. If business is good¬† everything is all right. If business is not functioning it can be like working in a factory. At age 66, he says, what else can he do?

17:25Copy video clip URL He says he used to work in a factory, then he got into the shoe repair business. At first he was sorry he did. A radio news program in the background talks about presidential hopefuls Jimmy Carter and George Wallace. Video goes black but the audio continues.

18:07Copy video clip URL He says there are no young people getting into this business. “When the old people go I don’t know what will happen.”

18:58Copy video clip URL Sam says he had no other plans, being a cobbler was it for him. He says he knows a couple of friends trying to sell their shop but no one wants to buy it.

19:44Copy video clip URL On the topic of unemployment Sam says you have to have a trade. If not it’s hard to get a decent job.

20:29Copy video clip URL END



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