Television coverage of San Francisco Women’s Video Festival & San Francisco Family Visit

Susan Milano visits family in San Francisco. A segment from the local news about the San Francisco Women's Video Festival in 1976, and a chat show between organizers of that festival from the Women's Communications Coalition.

00:05Copy video clip URL Exteriors filmed in San Francisco, including a view of the Palace of Fine Arts. 

00:55Copy video clip URL Cooking in the kitchen. Conversation. Their cats and their dog. Birds. Filming in the garden. Messages for “Francine” from the San Franciscans. 

07:22Copy video clip URL Playing piano. 

13:12Copy video clip URL A young boy recites a funny poem about animals. 

13:40Copy video clip URL A young girl recites a short poem about receiving a fox for a Christmas present and one about a tree. 

16:32Copy video clip URL The boy reads another poem. 

17:33Copy video clip URL Playing piano. 

19:03Copy video clip URL A young child recites a poem about teddy bears and sings “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Stuffed animals and dolls. The kids getting dressed for ballet. 

24:17Copy video clip URL Streets of San Francisco. 

25:30Copy video clip URL Videomaker Susan Milano in voiceover: “This visit with the Milanos of Broadwick Street has been brought to you by Broken Thumb Productions. Merry Christmas!”

26:00Copy video clip URL Anchor Andrew Hill announces an upcoming segment for Eyewitness News on “Television… on television.” 

26:21Copy video clip URL A brief “Community Billboard” ad for an improv comedy class. 

26:30Copy video clip URL Hill introduces a segment on an art exhibition at San Francisco State University that is “for, by, and about women.” 

26:50Copy video clip URL Journalist Kaity Tong reports on the first San Francisco Women’s Video Festival at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Footage of attendees watching the video Streets of Ulster. Interviews with attendees: “It’s difficult sometimes to get your work shown, and it’s good to have festivals like this so that it gives opportunities to people to be able to show their works of art, and that’s what they are.” Tong names attendees as including the coordinators of the New York Women’s Video Festival, the Santa Cruz Women’s Collective, and LO.V.E. (Lesbians Organized for Video Experience). 

28:11Copy video clip URL In the studio, Hill introduces weatherperson Christine Craft as the video cuts out. 

28:25Copy video clip URL A panel chat show with four members of the Women’s Communication Coalition from San Francisco: Maddie Werner, Nora Quinn, Rivian Bell, Marilyn Freund. Bell discusses the founding of the Coalition among SFSU communications students. Quinn discusses prioritizing “communications” over “art” in terms of providing technical and logistical support to videomakers in the Coalition. Freund points out that SFSU has women faculty and staff involved in the Coalition. 

31:46Copy video clip URL Discussion of the Women’s Video Festival, which had just occurred. 





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