[Puerto Rican Independence Movement Saturday Workshops in Chicago #1]

A Saturday workshop conference held in Chicago for the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, followed by a brief excerpt of footage of a young children's classroom.

00:20Copy video clip URL Remarks in Spanish, repeated in English, about exploitation in Puerto Rico and in other countries in Latin America. Thoughts on the situation in Central and South American and on the conference. 

07:12Copy video clip URL Attempts to more effectively repress Puerto Rican independence movements. The assassination of participants in a conference scheduled to take place in Puerto Rico. 

10:17Copy video clip URL A panel discussion in which one of the participants answers a question about a lawsuit and a question about the ACLU. 

12:36Copy video clip URL Discussion of the Humboldt Park uprising and the difficulties of working with a range of lawyers. 

13:44Copy video clip URL Discussion of the difficulties of supplying assistance to poor rural villages in New Mexico.

17:33Copy video clip URL Detailing police brutality and county corruption, and protests against it to which the sheriff responded by breaking into the homes and fabricating evidence against the people who spoke at a protest rally denouncing him. 

27:21Copy video clip URL A painting of a man holding a gun that reads “Para que el grande dica al chico le tieneque abrir los [illegible]”

 27:57Copy video clip URL Young children in a classroom. One of them sings “Jingle bells, Batman smells…” The children sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Old MacDonald” while painting.



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