[Puerto Rican Independence Movement Saturday Workshops in Chicago #2]

A Saturday workshop conference held in Chicago for the Puerto Rican Independence Movement

0:24Copy video clip URL Man speaks and introduces a woman who translates. He talks about the history of labor and labor organizations. The two major labor strikes, the Sugar Cane strike in 1934 with 137,000 workers. Then in 1938 which led to the emergence of the general confederation of workers which is the largest trade union confederation that Puerto Rico has had. 

5:57Copy video clip URL A man in the audience rises and asks a question about the electoral process.

12:23Copy video clip URL The main speaker references Marxist revolutions. 

16:16Copy video clip URL He goes on further to say that the problem is complex and the solution is unity. A man from the audience speaks.

22:22Copy video clip URL The main speaker responds. He says that the clandestine movement has to be transparent. Moreover, it needs a political and military conception; as it is a problem of strategic and practical leadership.

25:22Copy video clip URL [End of Tape].



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