[School for the Developmentally Disabled]

Educators work with children at a school for the developmentally disabled.

00:02Copy video clip URL Camera setup.

00:22Copy video clip URL A woman works with a young boy as he attempts simple puzzles with blocks and rings. She takes notes while offering encouragement and gently guiding him when he has difficulty. 

09:05Copy video clip URL A woman works with a young girl as she attempts simple puzzles. The adult administers the puzzles, gently guiding the girl when necessary. 

14:25Copy video clip URL The adult takes notes while the girl looks on. They talk quietly and the adult administers the final test, in which she asks the girl to do the same things that she does. 

20:15Copy video clip URL A group of children perform simple physical tasks like hopping and crawling under the direction of two adult women. The women offer the children instructions and encouragement. 

25:05Copy video clip URL The camera follows one of the children outside with an adult man and into a trailer labeled “Diversified Educational Cooperative” in the parking lot. 

26:15Copy video clip URL Inside the trailer. The man shows the boy how to use a hammer and nails. 



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