[Schuliens 1, 2]

Raw footage of retired Vaudeville performers discussing their careers in Schuliens.

0:01Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a few older Vaudeville men at Schuliens. They set up sound.

0:58Copy video clip URL One of the men does card magic tricks. They sit around a table and talk about some of their history together. It is sometimes difficult to make out everything they are saying. Their discussion includes descriptions of the way Vaudeville Theater worked, performers they worked with, and their own careers.

18:44Copy video clip URL Video cuts to black and then briefly to color bars. The camera reopens on the men. One man talks about his experience starting Vaudeville at eight years old, and they continue to recount parts of their careers. As each man speaks, the camera focuses in on them. They’re stories include descriptions of their acts, people they worked with, and criticism. Clinger barely speaks.

37:59Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

38:05Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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