[Seeds And Nails demo]

A 5-minute documentary and two short commercials urging donations for the Honduran victims of Hurricane Mitch. Followed by some raw footage of the devastation wreaked by the hurricane.

0:00Copy video clip URL Avid logo, count-in.

0:19Copy video clip URL Man talks about the results of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras: everything was destroyed, and in order to rebuild, the people need seeds and nails.

0:45Copy video clip URL Titles: “Seeds and Nails” . A holiday telethon for the survivors of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras.

1:07Copy video clip URL Voice over explains the wreckage caused by Hurricane Mitch in Honduras with shots of the disaster area. The we learn what efforts are being made to help Hondurans.

2:05Copy video clip URL We see remote area where no outsiders had been for 30 years. Captain Maldanado, US Army specialist, explains the necessity for the people to plant immediately or else they will miss the year’s harvest. He claims that the people want to rebuild the area by themselves, but they need the basic resources to do it – nails and seeds.

3:36Copy video clip URL Information about the rescue efforts. Lt Col James Nelson talks aobut how Honduras is rebuilding itself right now. Carlos Flores, President of Honduras, says we need to use this incident to make a better Honduras.

4:34Copy video clip URL Plea for help. They want to raise $1 million for seeds, nails, water, sanitation, and schools.

5:03Copy video clip URL Seeds for Honduras is a project of FITV. Call Tom Weinberg for information or to donate.

5:36Copy video clip URL End of piece.

Two shorter spots that seem more like commercials.

5:41Copy video clip URL Voice over asks for donations and gives basic info on hurricane.

6:11Copy video clip URL Same as last spot with longer script.

Raw footage.

8:26Copy video clip URL Hondurans cleaning their home after the hurricane, volunteers unloading packages from airplane.

10:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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