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This video features segments from a documentary about Richard J. Daley, the 48th Mayor of Chicago, entitled "Daley." In the video, we learn about Daley's upbringing, his rise to the mayoral office, and his influence in both Chicago and national politics.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with a black screen.

00:15Copy video clip URL Cut to some news footage of Richard J. Daley discussing his candidacy for Mayor of Chicago in November of 1954.

00:41Copy video clip URL Cut to a compilation of photos of Daley as Mayor of Chicago. Narrator Bill Visteen begins to talk about Daley’s character and his importance to the city of Chicago in the latter half of the twentieth century.

01:10Copy video clip URL Cut to a short segment about Daley’s death in 1976. Footage of newspapers with the headline that reads, “The Mayor Dead At 74,” rolls as the audio of a news report about Daley’s death plays in the background.

01:28Copy video clip URL Dissolve into a shot of Daley’s house in the neighborhood of Bridgeport on the south side of Chicago. The narrator begins to talk about Daley’s early years as pictures from Daley’s early childhood and college years appear on the screen. The viewer is quickly taken all of the way up through Daley’s marriage to Eleanor Guilfoyle in 1936 and to the birth of their seven children. Footage of Daley’s family participating at campaign events rolls as the narrator briefly describes Daley’s rise to Mayor of Chicago in April of 1955. Footage of Daley being sworn in as Mayor also is also included.

02:44Copy video clip URL The narrator begins talking about Daley’s achievements and personality in office. He emphasizes the former mayor’s power and likability in Chicago. Daley kept very busy while in office, overseeing almost all of the city’s daily work flow. The narrator highlights Daley’s importance to the citizens of Chicago as well.

03:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a segment that highlights Daley’s power in the city council. Footage of a shouting match between Daley and prominent Chicago alderman Leon Despres rolls and displays Daley’s stronghold on the council. A few shots from an interview with Daley talking about his hard-headed style of politics in Chicago is also included in this segment.

04:20Copy video clip URL The narrator begins to talk about Daley’s power in the national Democratic Party. A compilation of photos of Daley with various high-profile politicians such as John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson is included in this segment. The narrator talks about his strong influence over much of the party. The narrator then quickly switches gears and begins to discuss civil rights in America and in the city of Chicago. Footage from a Martin Luther King, Jr. speech rolls as the narrator begins to talk about the riots on the West side of Chicago following the death of King. Daley handled the riots in a controversial manner by calling for a “shoot to kill” order of any arsonist. The narrator then begins to talk about the 1968 Democratic National Convention and Daley’s lack of control over the riots that had been taking place that entire week. Abraham Ribicoff, Governor of Connecticut at the time of the convention, is seen renouncing Daley’s handling of the situation while on stage speaking at the convention. This footage reflects Daley’s eventual development of a poor image on the national level.

06:26Copy video clip URL The narrator focuses on Daley’s popularity in the city of Chicago and his re-election in both 1971 and 1975. The narrator goes on to talk about Daley’s pragmatic power politics that basically ran the entire city during his reign as Mayor. Daley’s love for Chicago is also highlighted.

08:05Copy video clip URL Various pictures of Daley as mayor of Chicago roll with audio of Daley talking about his love for Chicago.

08:33Copy video clip URL American columnist and author Jimmy Breslin reflects on Daley’s power in both local and national politics. Breslin tells a story about Hubert Humprhey’s vice presidential bid in 1968 and Mayor Daley’s power of influence over the Democratic party. Pictures of Daley with his family follows as various sound bites from members of his family describe his character as a father.

11:57Copy video clip URL Random footage of Daley during the Democratic National Convention and in and around the city of Chicago rolls for the duration of the video. Daley and family members are seen at press conferences, campaign events, and various Chicago happenings. There are a few sound bites of Daley answering questions from the press and giving speeches around the area that plays over the footage.

17:07Copy video clip URL The credits begins to roll as footage from a speech of Daley plays in the background. There is a little more footage of Daley that rolls for the remainder of the tape. This footage has no audio.

20:15Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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