Silver Circle Award for Elizabeth Brackett

Elizabeth Brackett's acceptance speech for her Silver Circle Award in 2009, proceeded by a short reel of her life and work.

0:11Copy video clip URL Logo for the Silver Circle Awards. A presenter introduces Elizabeth Brackett with praise for her work ethic.

0:43Copy video clip URL Lights dim, and a reel of Brackett’s life and work plays. It includes comments from Jim Lehrer , Linda Winslow, Robert MacNeil, and Carol Marin, as well as clips and interviews from her past stories. Also talks about her involvement in athletics and other awards for her work.

5:00Copy video clip URL Brackett steps up to the podium to give her acceptance speech as well as thanks to her family and colleagues. She then introduces her family members who are in attendance.

7:23Copy video clip URL She tells anecdotes from two news stories that she remembers the most. The first was a story in Puerto Rico and included a hectic last-minute editing job. The second involves an unexpectedly pricey car she rented in Germany.

12:39Copy video clip URL Brackett closes with what she’s loved about her career.

13:10Copy video clip URL End



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