[Sister Connie]

0:04Copy video clip URL Camera opens inside a church. people walk around and talk before the ceremony starts. 

1:00Copy video clip URL Choir sings. Pastor introduces the ceremony. They pray and the ceremony begins. Choir performs throughout. Various people speak, read, and lead prayer. A woman performs a dance with a ribbon.

1:01:55Copy video clip URL Ceremony breaks and people walk around and talk. Choir continues singing. Ceremony resumes. People take communion. Sister Connie speaks. The program transitions into an awards ceremony based on a House of Hope program ran by Sister Connie. They give various awards to people who come up and speak briefly. 

1:34:40Copy video clip URL The pastor gives some closing remarks. They pray. Ceremony ends and people mill around and talk. Camera focuses on Sister Connie as she leaves.

1:41:24Copy video clip URL Footage of the post-ceremony celebration and meal. Sister Connie dances, and other people join in.

1:58:28Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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