Slices of Chicago

Compilation tape highlighting the work of the members of the Chicago Area Videomakers Coalition. The group was formed in 1977 to formally bring together Chicago’s independent videomakers to create a higher profile and bring their work to the public. This tape was first broadcast on Channel 44 on June 18, 1977, based on a commitment from general manager Ed Morris. The production of this tape made it apparent that the most pressing need in the videomaking community was editing facilities. In 1978, aided by the visibility produced by the sampler tape, the Coalition opened the Chicago Editing Center, which provided low-cost editing facilities to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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00:18Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:47Copy video clip URL Titles

01:19Copy video clip URL Vallerie McLenighan and Scott Jacobs introduce their piece.

01:39Copy video clip URL Tape: Documentary about panhandlers in San Francisco.

03:37Copy video clip URL Denise Zaccardi talks about her work teaching video to kids in alternative schools.

04:26Copy video clip URL Tape: MaryAnn by the Community TV Network. Two little girls shoot a short documentary about their older sister.

06:10Copy video clip URL Jim Passin introduces his tape.

06:31Copy video clip URL Tape: Murals by kids in Chicago.

08:30Copy video clip URL Tape: Jane Veeder. Diary tape about tattoos.

10:42Copy video clip URL Judy Hoffman introduces tape by Kartemquin about Cook County Hospital doctor’s strike.

11:06Copy video clip URL Tape: Interview with striking Cook County Hospital doctor.

12:29Copy video clip URL Tape: Regina and Thomas Shea’s tape of autumnal scenes with Canadian geese.

15:58Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

16:15Copy video clip URL Titles

17:01Copy video clip URL Raul Zaritsky talks about projects which include ones with public transportation.

17:50Copy video clip URL Tape: Car show. Talks with man about energy crisis/gasoline scarcity. Talks with people about public transportation.

19:07Copy video clip URL Eleanor Boyer introduces her tape.  She works extensively with women at YWCA, using video to inform the community on women’s issues such as rape, sexual health, etc.

19:45Copy video clip URL Tape: Excerpts from “Getting Strong: Self Defense For Women.” Boyer interviews men about their attitudes toward rape.

21:35Copy video clip URL Jim Morrissette at UIC discusses facilities at the university and introduces tape.

21:56Copy video clip URL Tape: Documentary about alternative teaching methods in rural IL.

24:00Copy video clip URL Dan Dick of Communications for Change. Introduces tape from the ongoing project, Documenting Social History. Students at Loop College were taught to use video to interview senior citizens.

24:36Copy video clip URL Tape: Dan Dick interviews Gladys Hogeland, who grew up in Rogers Park, about her childhood.

25:43Copy video clip URL Tape: Jane Veeder processed video.

26:37Copy video clip URL From Comiskey Park, Tom Weinberg introduces Media Burn.

27:10Copy video clip URL Tape: Media Burn by The Ant Farm. Car crashes through pyramid of televisions.

28:54Copy video clip URL Black and white graphics, music. Crosseye.

30:29Copy video clip URL Aerial view of Chicago shot with the first available Betacam under credits.

31:25Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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