[SNL Audition]

A "Saturday Night Live" audition tape for six Chicago comics: Ed Fiala, Judy Tenuta, T.P. Mulrooney, Tim Cavanagh, Aaron Freeman, and Emo Phillips.

00:02Copy video clip URL An unknown man introduces the show, explaining that it is to be a “demo tape that will be submitted directly to Mr. Ebersol of Saturday Night Live – he asked us to put together a show featuring six of the best comics in Chicago.” He introduces the comedians, and reminds the audience to not talk during the show.

1:37Copy video clip URL A different MC introduces Ed Fiala; Fiala tells jokes about being fat, encounters with police, new fatherhood, and the eccentricities of young children.

6:18Copy video clip URL The MC introduces Judy Tenuta, who takes the stage, with accordion in tow. She tells a story about meeting her dentist in the park and the antics of her insufferable brother Bosco. She insults various audience members.

11:41Copy video clip URL The MC introduces T.P. Mulrooney. He re-enacts a scene from The Graduate and jokes about getting in trouble with a nun at Catholic school.

16:30Copy video clip URL Video abruptly cuts to Tim Cavanagh on stage, who sings a parody versions of Tommy James’s “Hanky Panky,” the Steve Miller Band’s “Abracadabra,” and a dirty country song.

25:28Copy video clip URL The MC introduces Aaron Freeman. He performs a bit in which Ronald Reagan addresses a gathering of the El Rukn gang.

29:02Copy video clip URL Video cuts to Emo Phillips on stage. He tells jokes for several minutes, to the increasing enthusiasm of the crowd. During the course of his performance, he assembles and dis-assembles a trombone.

43:28Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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