Songs + Theater

A folk-rock band performs several songs, followed by partial footage of a stage play.

00:20Copy video clip URL Opening card for Broadside TV

00:34Copy video clip URL Voiceover introduces viewers to Fanny Farber and her kitchen as she cooks “an oriental dish.” 

01:00Copy video clip URL Cut to a child playing piano. A crowd can be heard off screen. 

01:38Copy video clip URL A man with a guitar plays a cover of “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. 

05:43Copy video clip URL Another song, an original band composition. Title inaudible. 

08:34Copy video clip URL A cover of The Moody Blues’ “The Story in Your Eyes.” 

11:40Copy video clip URL A cover of “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. 

15:05Copy video clip URL A cover of America’s “Horse with No Name.” 

18:20Copy video clip URL The band concludes their performance. The lead singer leans in to the microphone and says “remember to donate.” 

18:36Copy video clip URL A stage play in which a father and son argue about the son’s life decisions and the future of their family farm. 

24:07Copy video clip URL The scene ends, and the recording ends.



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