Soundings of the Planet / TAO OM / Desert Dawn Song / Great Mystery / Desert Airs

A compilation of short videos featuring new age music and images of and musings about nature. Includes Soundings of the Planet, Tao Om, Desert Dawn Song, Great Mystery, and Desert Airs.

00:23Copy video clip URL Soundings of the Planet: Earthlab: Pan-flute music plays as the artwork and performers from a series of new age music and spoken-word albums flash onscreen with brief samples of the music contained within: Desert Dawn Song, Fantuzzi’s An Open Heart, Samanda’s Of the Dove and Of the Raro, Ram Dass’s An Evening with Ram DassResonance: Rolling Sound Serenade.

01:25Copy video clip URL End credits: “Produced by Earthlab. 405 N. Wilson, Tucson AZ.” 

01:45 Tao Om: New age music plays over imagery of waves and of a group dance performance, with occasional abstract effects, image processing, and compositing effects. 

09:27Copy video clip URL End credits: “Post production: Earthlab. Tucson, Arizona. Dean Evenson, 1979.” Music by Dean Evenson, Jonathan Kramer. Dancers: Joanna Letson, Cathleen Catlin, Gail Chodera, Lynn Hearet, Allan Sorokin.”

10:03 Desert Dawn Song: Images of desert nature, with some abstraction/image processing, and a robed figure swaying in silhouette, accompanied by bird song and a new age composition featuring harp and female vocals. 

17:22Copy video clip URL End credits: “Produced by Earthlab. 405 N. Wilson, Tucson AZ. Dean Evenson, 1979.” 

18:18 Great Mystery: Voiceover: “We believe in nature. We believe that nature is god, and god is nature. We have to live by nature.” Commentary about the importance of nature and its relation to spirituality from members of the Blackfoot Oneida, Sioux, Hopi, Mohawk, Navaho, Seneca, and Onondaga peoples, set to images of nature and of the speakers. 

51:21Copy video clip URL End Credits: “Friends of the Sacred Hoop. Spokesman & Women for the Earth: Rod Skenandore (Blackfoot Oneida), Frank Fools Crow (Sioux), Mathew King (Sioux), John Fire Lam Deer (Sioux), David Monongye (Hopi), Henry Crowdog (Sioux), Louie Papinoue (Mohawk), Mirium Crawford (Navaho), Thomas Binocha (Hopi), Tom Cook (Mohawk), Beemon Logan (Seneca), Oron Lyons (Onondaga). Produced & Directed by The Great Spirit, edited by Carole Kato, Dean Evenson, April Video. Videotaping: Bobby Burns, Dean Evenson, Dudley Evenson, Naomi Greenspan, Carole Kato, Chris Lincoln. Slides: Bobby Burns, Dean & Dudley Evenson, Russel Dian, Michael Kaplan, Gail Waldron, Lance Wisneiski, Diane Dorr-Dorynek. E.J. Curtis prints from Stewart Stolh. Sound Mix: Dean Evenson. Film Segment: Toby Carey. Edited at: Synapse Studio, Syracuse University. Thanks To: Bobby Burns, Carl Geiger, Lance Wisniewski, Gail Waldron. Special Thanks To: Ann Arlen, Paul Horn, Paul Farmer, Peter Lappis, Cy Griffin, Jessica Jones, Natanya & Michael Towers, N.Y.S. Council on the Arts. Our Appreciation to all the Native American People of Turtle Island.”

54:44 Desert Airs: Images of clouds, the sun filtering through in an otherwise clear sky, accompanied by field recordings of rain. 

62:08Copy video clip URL End Credits: “Produced by Earthlab. 405 N. Wilson, Tucson AZ. William Crosby, 1979.” 



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