South Loop Flea Market

0:03Copy video clip URL Several takes of Jennifer Conton introducing the South Loop flea market, visible in the background. Later, she rehearses another piece of narration while standing next to a van.

4:47Copy video clip URL Passersby and peddlers mill about the flea market, including a man selling a pair of dogs in a box and a man pushing a tamale cart.

5:27Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

5:32Copy video clip URL Brian Page, in the Blue Room, does several takes introducing the South Loop flea market. He interviews manager Andy Callus [sp?]. He then browses the items for sale, including an old Zenith transistor radio, some bolts of fabric, and a vase. He briefly talks to some of the vendors as he looks at their wares.

9:25Copy video clip URL Page, having returned to the spot where he began the previous segment, introduces the flea market again, and again interviews Callus. He re-traces his steps, examining the same items and talking to the same people, with small variation.

13:38Copy video clip URL Page re-does his intro several times. He cycles through the steps of the previous segment.

19:43Copy video clip URL Beginning from the same spot, but a lower camera angle, Page goes through the segment again, sans the Callus interview.

23:29Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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