[Sox #1, outside on field, opening day]

Chicago White Sox warm up before game, shot for "Inside Spring Training."

0:00Copy video clip URL White Sox vendor outside Comiskey. People walk into stadium.

2:10Copy video clip URL Security guard makes announcement to opening day entrants.

2:45Copy video clip URL Young drinkers outside stadium do impromptu Schlitz Beer commercial.

3:15Copy video clip URL Mariachi band plays outside gates.

4:08Copy video clip URL Main entrance of Comiskey while fans enter. Kids pay $2 for general admission tickets. Cameraman talks to ticket vendor. Cameraman talks to drinkers outside stadium.

10:40Copy video clip URL Parking lot footage.

11:30Copy video clip URL Camera surveys fans in stands, talking to a man in a cowboy outfit and a clown. Fans buy beer in cans instead of old bottles.

13:00Copy video clip URL Boston Red Sox warming up on field.

14:20Copy video clip URL Fans wait for autographs from Harry Caray.

15:55Copy video clip URL Fans carry “Sox the Great in ’78″ banner to stands.

16:27Copy video clip URL Blomberg leaves dugout. Minnie Minoso talks to interviewer in the dugout.

18:00Copy video clip URL Fans in stands.

19:00Copy video clip URL Dugout shots, fans ask for autographs.

22:10Copy video clip URL END



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