[White Sox pre-game interview with Roland Hemond]

"The On-Deck Show" with Harry Caray. Caray interviews Roland Hemond, general manager of the Chicago White Sox, 1975.

0:12Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

0:43Copy video clip URL Sports Spotlight with Al Lerner credits.

1:01Copy video clip URL Commercials for Super Sleuths, Super Slam lottery, Channel 44 “Sox Station” promo.

2:00Copy video clip URL “The On-Deck Show.” Harry Caray says hi from Arlington Stadium. Introduces guest Roland Hemond, general manager of White Sox. He talks about recent deals and trades made by the Sox.

4:59Copy video clip URL Commercial for “Earn College Credit Through Television.”

5:30Copy video clip URL Caray talks to Hemond about Chester Lemon. Caray asks about surprising trades in the game. Hemond: “Sometimes it’s the biggest break of their lives to have been traded.” Caray makes a joke and laughs hysterically while Hemond tries to answer his question.

10:25Copy video clip URL Commercial for Wheeler AMC Jeep in Olympia Fields.

10:57Copy video clip URL Commercial for Ziebart rustproofing.

11:32Copy video clip URL Caray and co-host talk about opening line-up: Coluccio, Dent, May, Johnson, Henderson, Melton, Bradford, etc. Rangers: Tovar, Harrah, Burroughs, Fregosi, Grieve, Randle, Cardenas, Smalley, Sundberg.

13:25Copy video clip URL Commercial for ’75 Jeep at Wheeler AMC.

14:23Copy video clip URL Pitchers Jim Kaat and Jim Unbarger warm-up over stats.

14:54Copy video clip URL Phone-Mate commercial, Wheeler AMC commercial.

15:28Copy video clip URL WSNS promo.

15:59Copy video clip URL Sportsmart commercial.

16:20Copy video clip URL Red Foxx commercial for BallPark hotdogs.

16:50Copy video clip URL Intro to show.

17:01Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Brian says:

    This was from the ’75 season ased on Hemond and Caray talking about the A’s having won 3 straight championships.


  2. Mark says:

    Game played 6-17-75

  3. Steve Zalusky says:

    I would love to see the rest of the game – or any other games for that matter.

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