[Chicago White Sox versus Minnesota Twins 1976]

Chicago White Sox versus Minnesota Twins, 1976. Harry Caray announces.

0:27Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:42Copy video clip URL Lemon hits grounder to SS, out at first.

1:02Copy video clip URL Bucky Dent takes plate. Harry Caray announces. Bucky Dent flies out to Twins Left Field. Twins up in 8th 12-6.

2:08Copy video clip URL Commercial for HFC “Come On In.”

2:38Copy video clip URL Hamm’s beer commercial “It’s Runnin’ Good.”

3:08Copy video clip URL Top of the 9th. Twins’ left-hander Mike Cubbage takes plate against Sox pitcher Monroe. Strike out. “You realize, Minnesota is closer to Oakland…than Oakland is to Kansas City!” Caray gets a little incoherent.

5:35Copy video clip URL Twins’ batter takes 1st on walk.

6:45Copy video clip URL Twins’ Lymon Bostock takes plate, drives long foul to RF. Runner Bordwin takes 1st as pinch runner. Bostock is walked.

9:40Copy video clip URL Bobby Randall takes plate. Monroe makes wild pitch and runners advance. Monroe throws second wild pitch, runners hold. Monroe hits high fly ball to LF, but drives in a run.

12:55Copy video clip URL Rod Carew takes plate. Bostock stands on 3rd. Hits grounder to 1st, pitcher covers plate, goes to bottom of 9th.

14:06Copy video clip URL Zenith TV commercial.

14:37Copy video clip URL Pepsi-Cola commercial with construction workers playing football.

15:05Copy video clip URL Bottom of the 9th inning. Jim Essian takes plate against Twins’ pitcher Bergmeier. Short fly to CF, easy out.

16:15Copy video clip URL Alan Bannister up to bat. First pitch, fakes a bunt. Also hits a high fly to center, caught by Bostock for easy second out.

17:10Copy video clip URL Left-hander Ralph Carr takes plate. Ground to SS, out at 1st. 1-2-3 inning. Twins win 13-6.

18:10Copy video clip URL Harry Caray talks to camera about game rundown.

19:38Copy video clip URL Caray keeps talking. Video cuts to commercials: Carson Pirie Scott, La Pizzeria.

20:23Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Ian Jefferson says:

    My name is Ian Jefferson and I’m the son of former White Sox pitcher the late Mr. Jesse Jefferson. I didn’t know if anyone had any footage of my father pitching?

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