[Spectra motion pictures: time-lapse footage]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Time-lapse of a busy city at night, cars move quickly down the street and on a bridge.

0:50 Time-lapse of clouds moving over a mountain.

1:30 Time lapse of cars speeding down a highway.

1:40 Time-lapse of cars driving across a well-lit bridge, the New York skyline in the background.

3:30 Clouds moving across a bridge through until nightfall, when the bridge is well-lit.

3:55 Time-lapse of the New York City skyline.

4:05 Time-lapse of clouds moving across a blue sky above a glass building with pyramid-like structures.

4:27 Time-lapse clouds moving across sky in west coast.

4:37 Time-lapse cars moving down a highway.

4:47 Time-lapse cars in a city at dusk and night. Apparently San Francisco.

5:50 Dark room, hard to see anything.

6:30 Time-lapse a parking lot during the day.

6:50 Time-lapse city, very brief.

7:00 Time-lapse driving.

7:23 Time-lapse a suburban street, cars driving during day. Same at a highway exit.

8:10 Time-lapse at an outdoor mall during the day.

8:53 Black

9:26 Time-lapse cars driving down a busy street at night.

9:40 Time-lapse car driving quickly, camera mainly pointing up at lights, then pointing at street.

10:47 Time-lapse dark clouds moving through sunset, then along ocean.

11:50 Black

12:27 Clouds moving along ocean at night as day gets lighter .

12:48 Clouds moving across the sky, while sky is orange.

13:00 Clouds moving through blue sky.

13:10 Clouds move through rainy sky.

13:20 Clouds move across sun.

15:10 Black

15:25 Clouds move across sky as sky darkens. Very orange.

15:50 Clouds move across blue-ish sunset sky. Looks like the cover of the Mekons album. You know the one. ” Fear and Whiskey”, that’s it.

16:10 Cars moving quickly down streets and highways.

16:32 Sun-setting behind Chicago buildings.

17:09 Black

18:35 Time-lapse of a carnival and rides at night.

19:10 Clouds moving across sky and cars on Golden Gate Bridge at night. Cars on a different bridge at night.

19:40 Cars on San Francisco streets during the day.

20:20 Clouds pour across sunset sky while cars drive on bridge.

20:36 Chicago skyline from river at night.

21:00 Black

21:20 Shots of Seattle at night.

21:35 Dark clouds closing in over sky of a coastal city.

22:00 Planes taking off.

23:35 Shots of clouds in sky

23:30 Shots of a coastal city at night.

23:45 Black

24:20 Skyline of city at night.

24:45 Time-lapse of clouds moving over mountain and natural environments.

26:00 Time-lapse of clouds moving over moon.

26:59 End of tape.



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