Spirits in the Wilderness raw: #10 Salmon Original

Raw footage for a documentary commissioned for the opening of the Shedd Aquarium's Oceanarium. Producer, director, and editor Judy Hoffman documents an aboriginal fisherman, Roy Cranmer, fighting to preserve the 'Namgis band's historic fishing grounds and land of origin while protecting the vibrant ecosystems and salmon populations that have sustained the Pacific Northwest Coast region for centuries. Also known by the anglicized name Nimpkish, the 'Namgis are part of the Kwakwaka'wakw (initially named the Kwakiut'l by Franz Boas) First Nation and have their homeland in what is now British Columbia, on the northern end of Vancouver Island. Hoffman has maintained a long relationship with the ‘Namgis band, having been adopted into the Cranmer family at the Cranmer potlatch in November 2017.

00:24Copy video clip URL Net loads of salmon retrieved from the water.

01:14Copy video clip URL Roy Cranmer recaps the most recent salmon catch with camera operator, Judy Hoffman.

02:17Copy video clip URL View from the row boat of the Kitgora casting its net.

07:55Copy video clip URL On the row boat, two crew members hold position of their end of the fish net. The Kitgora circles back to them.

11:52Copy video clip URL The Kitgora begins retrieving its net. Dogfish are thrown overboard. Crew members attend to bringing the net back in, untangling it as needed.

16:55Copy video clip URL The crew pulls in the last bit of net and prepares to onboard the catch of salmon.

18:18Copy video clip URL A bundle of salmon is flung atop the deck. The crew unfurls the bundle on the deck. They slide all the loose salmon into the boat’s internal well.

20:28Copy video clip URL A Canadian Patrol Service boat checks-in on the Kitgora crew.

22:13Copy video clip URL Camera operator, Judy Hoffman, asks Cranmer about the Patrol Service.

23:17Copy video clip URL The Kitgora casts out net again.

24:08Copy video clip URL Hoffman asks Cranmer about why he decided not to join the protest fishers. He recaps the day and explains where they will go with the salmon.

25:45Copy video clip URL The Kitgora arrives at the packing ship. At the packing ship, a large vacuum-like implement sucks out the salmon from the boat’s well and transfers the fish over to be weighed and distributed.

29:14Copy video clip URL Cut to black.



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