Spirits in the Wilderness raw: #7 Salmon Original

Raw footage for a documentary commissioned for the opening of the Shedd Aquarium's Oceanarium. Producer, director, and editor Judy Hoffman documents an aboriginal fisherman, Roy Cranmer, fighting to preserve the 'Namgis band's historic fishing grounds and land of origin while protecting the vibrant ecosystems and salmon populations that have sustained the Pacific Northwest Coast region for centuries. Also known by the anglicized name Nimpkish, the 'Namgis are part of the Kwakwaka'wakw (initially named the Kwakiut'l by Franz Boas) First Nation and have their homeland in what is now British Columbia, on the northern end of Vancouver Island. Hoffman has maintained a long relationship with the ‘Namgis band, having been adopted into the Cranmer family at the Cranmer potlatch in November 2017.

00:23Copy video clip URL Footage from the Kitgora, a drum net seiner fishing boat captained by Roy Cranmer, a commercial indigenous fisherman from the ‘Namgis band. Radio communications broadcast over a speaker in the boat cabin.

05:30Copy video clip URL Cranmer explains that he will drop anchor. He spots a porpoise in the water.

06:26Copy video clip URL A crew member drops the boat anchor. Along with another crew member, they check the anchor’s tautness and perform minor repairs.

08:58Copy video clip URL Possible porpoise sighting.

09:13Copy video clip URL An isle of white and grey-plumed birds resting.

10:07Copy video clip URL Roy Cranmer’s son Edgar plays on top of the seine netting.

10:22Copy video clip URL Cranmer and Edgar Cranmer talk on the side of the boat. He contemplates what to do next.

12:22Copy video clip URL Footage of nearby mountains along the Johnstone Strait, a channel on the north of Vancouver Island. Other fishing boats drift into view.

15:14Copy video clip URL Cranmer and his son sit at the navigation wheel.

18:10Copy video clip URL Footage of another fishing boat. Fish jump out of the water. Views across the water.

21:55Copy video clip URL Sound returns. Footage cuts in and out to scenes on the water and in the boat.

29:20Copy video clip URL Cut to black.



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