[Stamets Footage of Special Events, 1982-4]

01:00Copy video clip URL Shots of performers at the 1982 Chicago Kool Jazz Festival.

02:10Copy video clip URL Willie Dixon takes the stage at the Chicago Blues Festival.

03:10Copy video clip URL A man reclining on a picnic blanket in Grant Park reminisces about seeing Muddy Waters perform in 1969. “He had everybody dancing in the aisles and on the grass and on the benches. They wouldn’t let him go home. It was way after midnight.”

09:08Copy video clip URL White Sox fans celebrate a Western Division championship win in 1983.

14:15Copy video clip URL A stop motion segment featuring works from the 1984 Chicago International Art Expo.

16:14Copy video clip URL Clips from a series of summertime Chicago neighborhood festivals.

17:29Copy video clip URL Members of the American Kiteflyers Association carefully unfurl a kite that they claim will reach up to a thousand feet in the air.

18:43Copy video clip URL Dancers perform while firecrackers are strung up into the air during a Chinese cultural festival at the Field Museum.

30:15Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel joins a musical group on stage during a celebration for the Chicago Sesquicentennial.

35:05Copy video clip URL Stevie Wonder performs “Happy Birthday,” a song he wrote to pay tribute to Martin Luther King.

39:18Copy video clip URL Harold Washington gives a short speech in Lincoln Park about his commitment to civil rights, a record “that stands in sharp relief”. He tells the crowd that he’d advised Walter Mondale to select a female Vice President for his ticket, and that he would approve any LGBT civil rights ordinances passed his way.

43:07Copy video clip URL Harold Washington addresses a crowd at the Congress Hotel. “One of the greatest challenges of my administration has been reaching out to and appreciating the special needs and concerns of our city’s predominantly white ethnic middle-income neighborhoods. When it came to our city’s Northwest and Southwest sides, I found myself stuck in a dilemma: it was difficult to communicate the key principles of the reform program we were bringing to Chicago, and more difficult to get a firm grip on the real problems confronting these communities.”

45:10Copy video clip URL Another speech by Harold Washington, this time to an African American audience: “I’m gonna be fair to everybody, but I’m gonna insist that for the first time, this city is fair to you.”



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