Stoney Does Dallas

An irreverent series of interviews by comedian and actor Stoney Burke during the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, TX. The interviews are juxtaposed with footage of various protests going on outside the convention.

00:00Copy video clip URL Open to credits, “Video Nocturne.”

00:24Copy video clip URL Title, “Stoney Does Dallas.” Man interviewed about the nominations at hand.

00:58Copy video clip URL Burke attempts to interview people about their comments, but is unsuccessful at getting their attention.

1:20Copy video clip URL Burke says, “People are filing obediently into the assembly hall to spend three days talking about money and old times–how they can keep the money and have the old times happen in a new age?”

1:37Copy video clip URL Cut to Burke asking a man about what he thinks about Reagan falling asleep during a cabinet meeting.

1:57Copy video clip URL Burke sings an off-the-cuff melody, shot of a man carrying a cross.

2:20Copy video clip URL Man compares Reagan to Teddy Roosevelt.

2:30Copy video clip URL “Everyone is in high, high, high fashion for the event…dressing in all their best oil-related clothes to display the wealth we never had in the first place.”

3:09Copy video clip URL Footage of protests against Reagan.

3:35Copy video clip URL Balloons fall on delegates, Burke says, “And there’s the trickle-down theory they’re talking about!”

4:05Copy video clip URL Protests against thermo-nuclear war.

4:46Copy video clip URL Burke: “…Let’s see if a military can rebuild our welfare state.”

5:27Copy video clip URL Burke mocks Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy.

5:45Copy video clip URL Back to protests outside the convention hall, calling for large-scale registration of voters.

6:16Copy video clip URL Woman says, “Wake him up and get him out!”

6:31Copy video clip URL Woman defends Reagan’s cutting of certain social welfare programs after being asked several leading questions by Burke.

7:13Copy video clip URL Stoney Burke calls himself an anarchist. Credits begin.

7:55Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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