[Strip Mining]

Discussion and documentation of the devastation caused by strip mining.

00:12Copy video clip URL Interior. A group of people discuss the ways that the coal companies have harmed the community. Wanting to throw them out of the area. 

00:47Copy video clip URL Footage of a landslides caused by strip mining with voiceover – likely a projected documentary or television news segment. Interviews with local inhabitants. A company executive claims he fails “to see any bad things about [strip mining]” and that “black is beautiful.. black, I mean coal, is beautiful.” 

03:18Copy video clip URL A country song plays over footage of the devastation caused by strip mining. 

03:56Copy video clip URL A news report from journalist Anne Powell of Action 10 News. Secretly filmed footage of the coal company using a bulldozer to load trucks with coal and then delivered to facilities. Powell suggests this indicates fraudulence in recent rate hikes for residents. 

05:51Copy video clip URL Interview with locals about the flooding and destruction resulting from strip mining. Crops, homes, bridges all washed away. 

07:00Copy video clip URL An assertion of inhabitants’ rights to remain in their homes. The need to fight for their rights and for their traditions. 



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