[Studs On A Soapbox raw: Mirko #4]

Raw footage of an interview for the program "Studs On A Soapbox." Tom Weinberg and others visit Studs Terkel at his home in Uptown. This is a continuation from the last tape. In this video, Terkel takes the crew through his home and shows them various memorable pictures from his life and other transcripts for his newest book. Terkel also fixes drinks for his guests and they all watch the 2000 Presidential election unfold on television.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with static and color bars.

00:17Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a picture of Ida Terkel on the day of the Division Street bridge naming event. Terkel takes through crew through a number of pictures in his dining room. Many of them are pictures of Ida. Terkel begins to pour a couple of drinks for the crew as the camera operator gets some footage of the pictures and transcripts in the dining room.

04:15Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Terkel in his kitchen pouring more drinks for the crew. Terkel recalls a story about being a guest on a program that was on a right wing station in Minnesota. He says that the host of the show called him an “old fart.” He then talks about an interview he had with a Swedish Prime Minister, in which the Prime Minister took a half hour in fixing a problem with Terkel’s tape recorder.

10:56Copy video clip URL Cut to the camera operator following Terkel upstairs to his work room. At a glance, the room just looks like a junk room, but it is actually full of Terkel’s work. Terkel shows the cameraman a tentative table of contents for his newest book, Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Terkel then shows the cameraman some stacks of interview tapes sitting on a shelf in his work room. He goes on to show the cameraman another one of his transcripts.

16:47Copy video clip URL The camera operator gets a shot of Terkel walking down the stairs. Terkel then makes his way over to his television and puts on CNN to watch some of the 2000 Presidential Election coverage. Pat Robertson, a televangelist and Conservative Christian political figure, is currently being interviewed. In the 2000 election, Robertson and his religious faction sent out voter guides to a number of different groups in the American population, hoping to sway those groups into voting for George W. Bush. During the interview, both Terkel and Weinberg refer to Robertson’s practices as “frightening.” Terkel then begins to talk about the hypocrisy of those against big government, specifically citing the importance of The New Deal during the Depression.

23:09Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a number of different pictures of Terkel. He takes the crew through many of the pictures and says a few words about each one. Terkel funnily points out a picture of himself almost naked as a child. He also points out a picture of his wife Ida at a young age and gets very sentimental while doing so. It is a very somber moment. The audio transfers over to stereo at this point as well.

25:28Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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