Studs’ Place: Teen Job

"Teen Job," an episode of "Studs' Place," shows a tension between young, newly-hired Johnny and his mother, Marie. Marie wants only what's best for her son, and in this amounts to Johnny spending his vacation in relaxation. Marie confronts Studs and asks him to fire Johnny so he won't buy a hot rod and, potentially, put himself in danger. Studs conceded, but soon they find out what sort of intentions Johnny actually has. Also featuring musical performances by Chet and Win.

0:17Copy video clip URL Opening credits.

0:23Copy video clip URL Announcer: “Welcome to Studs’ Place. It’s just a little place in the neighborhood where the food is good, the prices are reasonable, and the people you meet there are–well, let’s drop in and see what sort of people are around tonight.”

0:35Copy video clip URL Open to Grace behind the counter. She is writing a letter and reads her writing aloud: “You are only 18 and much too young to make such a decision.”

1:21Copy video clip URL Win enters the dining room playing his guitar, singing a song. They discuss Johnny, their employee for two weeks, and how hard they’ve been working him. She laments how her younger sister is going to be engaged.

3:27Copy video clip URL Studs and Johnny come in holding up two utensils recently polished by Johnny. They admire his work. Johnny offers various projects he can complete. Studs asks Johnny (facetiously) whether he wants to work at Studs’ Place permanently. Johnny has something specific in mind for the money he will make. He tells Grace that he hasn’t told his mother that he’s working.

5:40Copy video clip URL Johnny says that his mother doesn’t want him working anywhere, so that he won’t have “the hard knocks she had.” Studs and Win decide to let him work without telling his mother.

6:20Copy video clip URL Chet enters the dining room. Johnny has done as much work in one day as Chet and Win do in a week, combined. Johnny’s next project is to fix the piano, but Win keeps trying to get Johnny to fix the door of the telephone booth. He goes back and forth between two projects. Johnny asks to hear “Sunnyside” as he’s working. Chet obliges as Johnny polishes the piano.

9:57Copy video clip URL Grace intervenes and stops Chet and Win from working Johnny too hard. Chet reveals that he’s already told Johnny’s mother that Johnny is working for Studs. Studs sends Johnny on a delivery. When Chet told Johnny’s mother, Chet says: “She [Johnny’s mother] just sort of clammed up…man, I’m not gonna get caught in the middle of a beef.” Chet and Win leave.

12:08Copy video clip URL Studs practices his calming gestures behind the counter. Marie, Johnny’s mother, enters the restaurant: “Where is he?!” Studs: “Who?” Marie: “You know who!…I want you to fire Johnny immediately!”

12:53Copy video clip URL Fade to black.

12:55Copy video clip URL Open to Studs seated at a table. Marie paces back and forth around him. She sits: “Studs, how could you do it? How could you hire him without consulting me first?” Marie thinks Johnny should be relaxing during his vacation. Studs thinks no harm will come of it and he, Johnny, really wants to work and make money. Marie tells Studs that he wants the money to buy a hot rod. She worries that something will happen to Johnny if he has a car. Studs agrees to let him go. She leaves.

15:12Copy video clip URL Grace, Win, and Chet enter the dining room. They’d been listening. Grace: “What are you gonna do?” Studs: “What can I do? I’m gonna let him go…Marie’s probably right…” Grace leaves to bring back Johnny. Studs asks Win and Chet to fire Johnny for him, but, naturally, no one agrees. Grace returns from bringing Johnny back, and Studs asks her to fire Johnny, but she also refuses.

17:49Copy video clip URL Johnny enters the dining room. He saw his mother leaving the restaurant. Studs asks him to sit down. Studs tries to convince him to leave on his own accord, but Johnny realizes that his mother talked Studs out of hiring him. Johnny: “Studs, you said I could have this job. You said I could have this job for two weeks. You know I need the money…” Johnny gets upset and starts yelling at Studs. Studs tries to calm him down. Irate, Johnny takes off his apron and calls his mother. Chet starts to play the piano, but Win convinces him to leave the dining room. In reality, Johnny is calling Union Station to make a train reservation.

20:30Copy video clip URL Marie enters the restaurant while Johnny is in the phone booth. ¬†Johnny exits the phone booth and confronts his mother. Marie: “I just wanted you to have a fun vacation and have fun with your friends…I just didn’t want you to buy one of those hot rods.” Turns out, Johnny never wanted a hot rod. He reveals that he wanted to buy a ticket to Miami, Florida for his mother. Johnny: “I thought that if I’d got the money, bought the ticket, and put it in your hand, then maybe you’d go…Well, that’s all shot now.” Studs: “Why is that shot? Haven’t you got a job?” Studs rehires Johnny. Marie sees Johnny in a new light.

23:44Copy video clip URL Chet and Win start playing a song. Grace, over the letter on the counter: “I think I’m going to tell my sister to go ahead and make up her own mind.” Johnny continues to mop the floor as Chet and Win perform.

24:46Copy video clip URL Credits.

25:49Copy video clip URL Studs’s signature farewell: “We came to you from Chicago.”

26:08Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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