[Studs Terkel at the Wells-Grand talking about Thanksgiving 1933 and prohibition repeal]

Brief segment where Studs Terkel revisits the Wells-Grand Hotel, the men's hotel operated by his parents, and reminisces about Thanksgiving following the prohibition repeal.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with color bars.

00:24Copy video clip URL Tape opens with Studs talking about liquor and the first time he drank. “1933–That’s when the devil’s brew first hit my lips.” He begins describing the Wells-Grand Hotel–a men’s hotel, the opposite of a flop house–where he grew up. Studs talks about his mother celebrating Thanksgiving with “the boys” in the hotel since many of them didn’t have families.

01:43Copy video clip URL Studs tells a humorous story about his mother’s hard-nosed antics.



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