[Studs Terkel birthday video]

A compilation of Studs Terkel footage and photos spanning throughout his entire career.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with a black screen.

00:13Copy video clip URL Cut to a number of various clips of television news anchors, including Dan Rather and John Callaway, speaking about Terkel.

00:57Copy video clip URL Fade in to a picture of Terkel as a young boy. The narrator talks about Terkel’s early days in Chicago living at the Wells Grand Hotel. There is also a clip of Terkel telling a particularly amusing story about one of the hotel patrons.

01:41Copy video clip URL Fade in to a compilation of photos of Terkel during his college years and his time in early radio and television. The narrator discusses Terkel’s ambitions to act and perform, and goes into a little more detail about Terkel’s involvement with the show “Studs’ Place.”

02:13Copy video clip URL Cut to a short clip of an episode of “Studs’ Place.”

03:09Copy video clip URL Fade in to a compilation of photos and film of Terkel’s time at WFMT and some of the many interviews he has conducted over his forty-five year career at the radio station.

03:54Copy video clip URL Fade into a compilation of photos of Mahalia Jackson, a famous gospel singer of the forties and fifties and a dear friend of Studs. Terkel talks about Mahalia and her singing talent under her music.

04:31Copy video clip URL Fade in to a number of pictures and footage of Terkel’s print work. The narrator highlights Terkel’s writing accomplishments. There is also a clip of Terkel talking about his interview subjects for his books and explaining why he chooses only a certain kind of people to talk to.

05:10Copy video clip URL Fade in to footage of Terkel’s immense archive of radio interviews. The narrator discusses Terkel’s retirement from radio in 1997 and his archival project at the Chicago Historical Society.

05:47Copy video clip URL Fade in to footage of Terkel reciting an excerpt from his book Talking To Myself. The segment is Terkel’s First Inaugural Address if he had become President. Though it is just a short clip, his words are quite compelling.

06:49Copy video clip URL The credits begin to roll as Woodie Guthrie’s song, “This Land Is Your Land” plays in the background.

07:22Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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