[Studs Terkel interview for Charlie Rose, part 3]

This is part three of a forty five minute interview with Studs Terkel. In this tape, Terkel briefly talks about the lack of imagination in the television world, his son Dan, and the humor of the human race. Terkel also leaves an amusing message for Charlie Rose.

00:00Copy video clip URL This video begins with color bars, but the audio from the interview can be heard over the color bars.

00:15Copy video clip URL Video comes in, and Studs continues talking about dramatist Ruth Draper and her talent in sparking the imagination of her audience. He uses this story to point out the lack of imagination in television.

01:13Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks Terkel if he has any words or messages for Charlie Rose. Terkel leaves an amusing message for Rose.

01:40Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks Terkel about his son, Daniel Terkel. Terkel says a few words about his son and calls him “a very fine fella.” The interviewer goes on to ask Terkel about his sense of humor. Terkel responds, “Without a sense of humor, what would life be? The human race is funny; it’s goofy, it’s glorious.”  Terkel goes on to talk about journalist/social activist Dorothy Day, eloquently paraphrasing one of her quotes about the human race. “She says, ‘I’m looking toward a world in which it’d be easier for people to behave decently.’ And that’s what it’s all about, I think.”

03:24Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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