[Studs Terkel with Dave Marsh, part 3] – [The 90’s street ids]

Continuation of raw footage of Studs Terkel with music critic Dave Marsh on WFMT, who is promoting his new book "The Heart Of Rock & Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made." Terkel plays clips from Marsh's list of the greatest rock singles ever made while Marsh explains their deep connections to society and culture. (Note: while music is playing, their dialogue is inaudible.)

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins while Marsh and Terkel play a gospel-influenced Faye Adams song called “Shake A Hand.” “That would be the gospel protest, would be that she had taken Jesus out of his own music,” Marsh comments. He also talks about his work editing the newsletter Rock and Roll Confidential.

03:06Copy video clip URL Turning to the “British re-invasion,” they discuss “angry punk rockers” The Clash (Studs initially mishears and thinks they are “angry folk rockers”) and the English political climate out of which they arose. Marsh plays their controversial hit “This is England,” “which is probably my favorite Clash record because it gets both sides,” he says. “It’s an angry, angry attack on Margaret Thatcher … and at the same time it’s an enormously sad piece of music.”

06:34Copy video clip URL Nearing the end of the hour, they play the poignant “Rock ‘n Roll Lullaby” by B.J. Thomas and discuss the gap between generations of music listeners before Marsh leaves the studio.

08:58Copy video clip URL B-roll of the studio with no sound.

10:27Copy video clip URL Workers in downtown Chicago are interviewed about their predictions for the 1990s. In a stunningly half-accurate moment of foresight, a smiling bellhop predicts the fall of communism—and four Chicago Bears Super Bowl titles. Some also do IDs for The 90’s.



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