Studs Terkel’s 90th Birthday Party

A video produced by the Chicago Historical society celebrating Studs Terkel's 90th birthday on May 16, 2002.

0:09Copy video clip URL Title screen. Jazz performance.

00:345Copy video clip URL Montage of talk show hosts speaking about Studs Terkel. Short history of Terkel. Footage from some of Terkel’s shows. Discussion of his books.

6:20Copy video clip URL Footage of Terkel speaking. President of the Chicago Historical Society, Lonnie Bunch, introduces the 90th birthday party. 

12:20Copy video clip URL The event’s host and Terkel come onstage. The host, Rick Kogan, speaks about Terkel.

16:55Copy video clip URL Norm Pellegrini speaks. Kogan introduces the next speakers. 

24:50Copy video clip URL David Schwimmer speaks. 

34:55Copy video clip URL Haskell Wexler speaks.

41:15Copy video clip URL Kogan introduces the next speakers. 

43:08Copy video clip URL Sydney Lewis speaks.

49:48Copy video clip URL Hideko Tamura Snider speaks.

57:24Copy video clip URL Kogan introduces a musical performance.

58:35Copy video clip URL Song performed by Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith.

1:02:45Copy video clip URL Kogan introduces the next speakers.

1:03:15Copy video clip URL Gary Wills speaks.

1:07:23Copy video clip URL Garrison Keillor speaks. 

1:17:30Copy video clip URL Terkel speaks amidst a standing ovation.

1:25:57Copy video clip URL Bunch starts a “Happy Birthday” song. They bring out a cake.

1:27:45Copy video clip URL Credits. Jazz performance.

1:45:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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