Sugar or Plain?

Short comedic video by Eggboy Productions featuring Jim Belushi.

0:01Copy video clip URL Opening title.

0:30Copy video clip URL A couple enters an ice cream shop and buy some candy from an attendant.

1:00Copy video clip URL A pair of sullen attendants offer them some ice cream, presenting them with various options in an aggressive manner.

2:20Copy video clip URL Asking the customer to decide between a sugar cone or a plain cone, one attendant pulls a pistol, the other knocks out all the lights, tosses the other customers to the ground, chaos briefly ensues. The man chooses a sugar cone and order is restored.

3:34Copy video clip URL End credits.

4:35Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.


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  1. Charles McFadden says:

    Classic it’s even so funnier now than it was when I first saw it. How can I have a copy of this?

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