Sunday Magazine

Raw footage of "Sunday Magazine," a monthly event hosted by Rick Kogan at the Chicago Cultural Center showcasing Chicago's overlooked musical performers.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg tests the camera and sound.

01:18Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg on the street outside the Chicago Tribune building, noting that it’s a sunny October 4th day. He speaks with Rick Kogan who angrily but teasingly describes his role in volunteering once a month to write a history segment for the “Sunday Magazine.” They are joined by Colleen Sims, whom Rick claims “runs this show.” Sims walks down the sidewalk to greet her parents. She and her parents walk up and greet Tom and Rick, as well.

04:10Copy video clip URL Cut to Chicago Cultural Center lobby, where pianist Jim Rollins is playing as an intro to the Sunday Magazine live performance.

08:27Copy video clip URL Rick Kogan takes the stage and introduces the program, noting that Sims makes this a wonderful program by seeking out talent in various clubs around Chicago. He then introduces the first performer, Gregorio Gomez.

10:12Copy video clip URL Gomez takes the stage and reads two pieces of poetry: “Changing Scenes” and “Priestess.”

14:06Copy video clip URL Cut to Gomez walking off stage and Kogan back on the stage, introducing the next performer, Sue Conway, who is accompanied by Jim Rollins.

15:38Copy video clip URL They take the stage, and perform “Our Love is Here to Stay” and other classics.

22:50Copy video clip URL Shots of the Tiffany glass dome on the 2nd floor, the stairs, mosaics, and other features of the building, as Conway and Rollins continue playing.

24:30Copy video clip URL Kogan takes the stage again, reading a history piece he wrote about Ernie Byfield, founder of The Pump Room. The story highlights the history of the Pump Room, including the many celebrities who have dined there. The piece concludes with a witty recap of the famed restaurant’s 60th anniversary party. He finishes and introduces the next performers, singer Jamie O’Reilly and singer/guitarist Michael Smith.

34:00Copy video clip URL O’Reilly and Smith take the stage and begin their performance.

38:55Copy video clip URL Kogan returns to the stage and reads questions for the “Chicago Quiz.” He introduces Colleen Sims and her parents to the crowd, then invites Sue Conway and Jim Rollins to come up to perform a few more songs, including “Chicago.”

47:54Copy video clip URL They leave the stage and Kogan raises his arms, saying, “OK, go home and watch the Bears lose!”

48:10Copy video clip URL Weinberg speaks with Colleen’s parents, who give him an address to send the tape.

49:16Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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