[TVTV Goes to the Super Bowl outtakes]

Raw footage of improvised comedic scenes shot for (but mostly not used in) TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl, a documentary about the events and personalities surrounding Super Bowl X in Miami between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. This tape features Christopher Guest, Bill Murray, Brian Murray, and Harold Ramis.

02:17Copy video clip URL Christopher Guest, his shirt partially unbuttoned, stands on the football field addressing the camera. Actor Fritz Weaver is also on the field talking with the publicist for the film Black Sunday

03:24Copy video clip URL The Goodyear blimp passes by the stadium. 

04:07Copy video clip URL Guest and Bart Friedman stand around. Guest imitates and mocks the publicist. 

06:57Copy video clip URL Bill Murray, Tom Weinberg, and Harold Ramis, among others, on the field. 

07:24Copy video clip URL Footage of the media members on the field. Conversation with a CBS camera operator. 

09:04Copy video clip URL The editing/production room, from which the broadcast is controlled. Behind a wall of monitors, the directors offer instructions to camera operators, editors, and technicians in producing a sequence for the superbowl broadcast. 

15:30Copy video clip URL Weinberg walking through the parking lot. He approaches Ramis and asks him if he’s a cop. They follow him under the pretense of figuring out if he’s a cop. They start claiming that everyone they see is a cop. He interviews Ramis, who claims that he’s coordinating Black Sunday. “There’s some mind cops around, too.” They talk to an actual police officer and ask if there is an uniformed staff of police officers.

21:04Copy video clip URL Speaking to people standing around, including a camera operator. 

23:05Copy video clip URL People playing a pick-up game of football, wearing CBS t-shirts. Guest approaches Paul Hornung, who claims that Johnny Unitas is “betting on the other team again.” Unitas approaches Hornung. “Mr. Unitas are you nervous?” “Yeah I’m getting very nervous right here before this big football game. We’ve been working at it for about a year now. I think we’re gonna do all right.”

24:50Copy video clip URL Shots of the pick-up game.

25:40Copy video clip URL Bill Murray and Betsy Wilson identify the people playing in the pickup game and offer play-by-play: Bob Stenner, Pat Summerall, Sonny Jurgenson, Sid Kaufman, Gary Bender, Tony Verna, Neil Hamder, Hank Stram, Bob Dunphy, Ed Goran, Bob Wester. 

31:32Copy video clip URL Phyllis George joins Murray. She talks with Guest, who is wearing a suit top and jean shorts. 

34:40Copy video clip URL Kids mugging for the camera as Hank Stram changes his shoes. 



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