Super Sonic, etc.

There are two sections of note in this footage. First some footage of a TV being changed through several different channels at the time of the Gulf War and second a performer on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. The rest of the video is the filmmaker chatting with friends around Los Angeles on Super Bowl Sunday.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on shot of a television showing the ending of a Simpson’s episode. The television changes channel and rests for a time on an Israeli debate. There is a switch to the Cosby show and then the television continues to change through many different channels. The camera is briefly distracted by a dog off-screen. There is a brief stop on a Chaplin film.

18:40Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of Judith Binder, the filmmaker, driving in her car. She goes to a grocery store and speaks with a woman and her child. Brief cut out a touch later leading to static.

21:55Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of the Venice Beach Boardwalk and a man doing a stick juggling act, which includes a part with flaming sticks. Binder continues down the boardwalk talking to various people.

27:34Copy video clip URL Switch to interior shot in which Binder chats with a woman who plays with presumably her dog. They seem to be in a salon of some sort as there are barber chairs scattered around.

30:57Copy video clip URL Switch to exterior shot of what looks like the same people from inside the barber shop. They walk to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. They walk the dog and Binder gets a shot at the dog’s eye level. There is a brief spat of static.

37:22Copy video clip URL Switch to another exterior shot of a house which Binder heads into with a friend. They subsequently go into a car and listen to the news on the radio for a brief stint. They talk about sports.

51:06Copy video clip URL Binder and her friend return to the car to find a Super Bowl party. They stop in a car dealership to see how the game is going and then continue walking around Los Angeles seemingly at random.

1:03:27Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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