Circle 9 Sunrise / Reflections

This is a reel consisting of Barbara Sykes' live performance of "Circle 9 Sunrise" (1976) and the work "Reflections" (1976) made with the Sandin Image Processor.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with color bars and tone.

00:23Copy video clip URL Fade into video footage of a man in a cowboy hat talking on a microphone. The man announces the second evening of the “Electronics Visualization Event” and the first piece by Tom DeFanti, Drew Browning, Barbara Sykes and Michael Sterling titled “Circle 9 Sunrise.”

00:49Copy video clip URL Camera pans over to Sykes as the piece begins. 

00:58Copy video clip URL The piece begins with vertical lines of cascading light and patterns set to slow, ambient synth tones. The vertical lines gradually join together and abstract, creating an evolving symmetrical visual orbiting around a central prism of colorful gradients, often evoking a sun.

07:06Copy video clip URL Cut to Sykes adjusting a switchboard and others at their respective stations during the performance. 

08:00Copy video clip URL The music ends and the camera pans up to an applauding audience. 

08:24Copy video clip URL Fade to black. 

08:26Copy video clip URL “Circle 9 Sunrise” credits.

08:46Copy video clip URL Fade to black. 

08:50Copy video clip URL “Reflections” begins. Muzak fades in with mirrored video of arms heavily processed and dancing. A dancer’s face appears behind the hands and she begins to dance with her own figure in the mirrored image. 

13:26Copy video clip URL Fade to black. 

14:27Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 




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