Shiva Darsan

A short documentary about the religious celebration of Shiva's birthday at a Nepalese shrine.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with black.

00:02Copy video clip URL Bars and tone. 

00:11Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

00:24Copy video clip URL A title reads: “This tape is dedicated to the Hindus of India and Nepal, and to Shiva, their lord of procreation and death.” A voice over reads the title in a non-english language. Fade to another title that reads “Shivaratri, Kathmandu, Nepal.” The voice over reads this title.

00:43Copy video clip URL A title reads: “Shiva’s birthday celebration, at one of his important pilgrimage sites in Asia at the most sacred of Nepalese shrines.” Percussive music begins to play as we fade to black. 

00:55Copy video clip URL A man overlooks a Nepalese shrine. Large groups of people move slowly across bridges and through the surrounding river around the shrine. 

01:58Copy video clip URL Holy men adorned with spiritual markings sit on the ground. One blows into a shell that makes a loud, deep tone. 

02:14Copy video clip URL A sequence of shots of people performing ritual acts around the shrine.

03:12Copy video clip URL Cut back to the man overlooking the shrine and then fade to black. 

03:29Copy video clip URL “Shiva Darsan” title card overlays a close up shot of a flame. 

03:40Copy video clip URL Sitar music plays as the sun rises over a mountain landscape. The voice-over says: “Darsan is: sacred perception. Darsan is as much to see as it is to be seen by that of the worshipper and the deity, holy person, or sacred place. Darsan is as much of the spiritual that yields to be grasped, known, touched, and experienced, as the worshipper who is there to receive the divine.” 

05:03Copy video clip URL A fire burns as the camera pans out to show the holy men. The voice-over says: “Oh holy men of holy men, oh naked monks of Hinduism, for rebirth into this spiritual life you have preformed your own funeral ceremony in the place of the eldest son.” A man guides another man with a lit torch to the head of a statue that he lights on fire. 

06:50Copy video clip URL Close up shot of a flame. The voice-over says: “This symbolic death has released you from the physical world. And now, a homeless wanderer, you feel no pain, pleasure, heat or cold – for all worldly comforts, desires, and duties have ceased to exist. Your remaining days on earth are spent on endless pilgrimages walking through the hottest deserts.




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