[Joe Albert’s Fox Hunt: Pineconers 2]

The Pineconers, a musical group playing traditional Appalachian music, play together in an outdoor setting.

00:00Copy video clip URL The members of the musical group The Pineconers talk about their inherited resistance towards Britain and towards British people. 

02:25Copy video clip URL A brief “fiddle tune” played by the group, with “Uncle Bill” on violin playing lead melody. 

04:15Copy video clip URL A waltz. 

06:05Copy video clip URL Playing “Home in the Pines,” that Uncle Bill wrote for a folk festival in the 1940s. 

09:13Copy video clip URL Discussion of charcoal pits and Uncle Bill’s time selling charcoal.

15:15Copy video clip URL Another song, with Joe singing “Rocking Alone (In an Old Rocking Chair).”

17:20Copy video clip URL Another song, “The Crawdad Song,” with the two women singing a duet. 

20:30Copy video clip URL A band member says they have to leave soon so they’ll play one more song. The video cuts out before they do. 



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