Tapes Of Wrath

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Clips of politicians making fools of themselves. The tape was produced by reporters using television footage.

0:00 Black, bars and tone. Bars collapse.

0:40 Cowboys in bar. Voice over announces arrival of president. Visuals are from movie starring Ronald Reagan. Reagan punches someone after voice-over complains about the plight of the unemployed. Title: Radio-Television Correspondents Present Tapes of Wrath.

1:37 Montage of newscasters doing silly things, then station logos with song called “Dirty Laundry.”

4:33 White House. Movie clip from another Reagan movie.

4:59 Reporter says he’s waiting for the president. He says he knows that the president is going to come this way because they listen to the secret service radio. He says he also knows the president won’t come that way because the secret service listens to their radio.

5:20 Man giving speech, asks how we can bring change. He says the solution is to just let Reagan be Reagan.

5:47 Man complaining that Reagan hasn’t upheld his promises. He remembers the first is related to unemployment, but can’t remember the second.

6:07 Montage of Reagan movies and presidential clips.

6:27 Reagan with young kids in soccer uniforms. One isn’t behaving and gets escorted away. Reagan gives speech with Austrians, who had given the U.S. a stallion.

7:08 Reagan clips.

7:37 Man complains that the press only wants to cover mistakes, not news. Montage of Nancy Reagan tripping.

8:27 Section on Vice Presidents. People on the street don’t know who Vice President George Bush is.

9:28 Washington monuments. Capitol Hill Blues. Congressmen acting irate. Man says this happens all the time. Man keeps saying he won’t talk to the press and everyone just laughs at it.

13:43 Montage of reporters fixing their hair and makeup before they go on the air.

14:42 Singing pumpkins and gourds.

15:08 Clips of newscasters stumbling over words. Pumpkins return singing. Reporters getting irate and yelling at people. Montage of newscasters yawning. Reporters in hazardous situations. Reporters making mistakes on live television. Interspersed throughout is a man counting the takes he is doing of his report. Eventually he makes it to 24 by the end of this section. Homeless men harass reporters trying to do on-site reports. Newscaster flicks someone off, not knowi ng she was visible in the shot. Singing gourds.

22:33 Song called “Living Inside the Tube” from the show “Elephant Parts” with Mike Nesmith. Nesmith sings from inside TV.

23:00 End credits.

24:02 End of tape.


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  1. Hal says:

    OMG I just found a 3/4″ copy of this in a box of old tapes. Couldn’t remember what it was until I Googled the title and…yep, having mine digitized.

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