[Teen St. @ Steppenwolf / JM’s roving camera 9-25-97]

0:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:41Copy video clip URL Camera opens on the TeenStreet cast backstage rehearsing their lines. Ron Bieganski gives directions as they recite. Some of the musicians start to warm up.

6:09Copy video clip URL Footage of Steppenwolf Theatre and people entering the theatre.

7:46Copy video clip URL Footage of the female cast members putting on makeup and talking. Cut to the male cast members hanging out and putting on their costumes.

13:30Copy video clip URL Footage of people coming into the theatre and sitting in their seats.

18:18Copy video clip URL Bieganski introduces the show. He talks about the structure and musical improvisation. 

25:20Copy video clip URL Performance starts.

54:27Copy video clip URL Performance ends. Backstage, cast members talk about how the performance went.

58:26Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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