[Teen St @ Steppenwolf / JM’s roving footage 9-25-97]

0:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:35Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a girl talking about how she joined TeenStreet. She talks about what it was like to join a pre-existing group. Footage of the cast backstage before a performance. The director, Ron Bieganski, gives instruction.

4:58Copy video clip URL Performance begins.

29:05Copy video clip URL Performance ends. Footage of cast members backstage. They talk a bit about how they felt the performance went.

32:00Copy video clip URL Bieganski introduces the post-show discussion with the cast. While waiting for the cast members to arrive for the discussion, they explain some of the concepts that led to the creation of the show.

37:15Copy video clip URL Each member of the cast introduces themselves. A couple cast members ask questions, and they talk about what it was like to perform in front of other teenagers instead of adults. They explain some of the writing and music techniques that they used. A woman asks about the TeenStreet program.

52:30Copy video clip URL They re-do introductions. Bieganski thanks everyone for coming. 

53:58Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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